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FIDE's Laws of Chess (effective 1 January 2023)
    Wikipedia articles:
        En passant

        PGN - chess game
            Immortal Games in PGN
        System of Signs per Chess Informant 2008
        Chess symbols in Unicode

        FEN - chess position

        Cheating in Chess

    Checkmate Patterns
        36 Checkmate Patterns
        Checkmate Patterns from Wikipedia
        another three dozen Checkmate Patterns

7 piece tablebase; further, the FEN of the requested position is embedded in the generated URL.

The Najdorf Sicilian: a guide for Black.  (PDF)  (PGN)

Practical Rook Endings by Mednis

Practical Chess Endings by Keres

Silman's Complete Endgame Course by Silman

Pawn Power in Chess by Kmoch

Psychology in Chess by Krogius, trainer to two World Champions

ChessBase Complete by Jon Edwards, 32nd ICCF World Champion

Chess Fever: a 1925 Soviet short rom-com where the game of chess assumes the role of the other woman.
    Features the only footage of J.R. Capablance I know of.

Music Portfolio

Not Easy Listening: The Best of Holland Mills 1983-1991 [MP3s, WAVs and artwork in ZIP archive]
     Selections [MP3 or WAV]:
        Holland Mills (cello quartet)
            Live, Walpurgisnacht, Wednesday 30 April 1986
        Better to Reign in Hell Than Serve in Heaven (clarinet quartet)
        The Addict (musical setting of the poem by Anne Sexton)
        La Adivinadora—The Sea (brass quartet)
        Cinders & Smokeshadows (solo cello)
Scores - Chamber Music
Holland Mills (cello quartet, 1985-86)
Better to Reign in Hell Than Serve in Heaven (clarinet quartet, 1987-88)
The Fifty Heaviest Riffs
Library of Congress: National Jukebox

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Longevity Technology

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Customize File Explorer and set view as the default in Windows

GodMode: how to deploy a fixed-UI Control Panel with minute control over the system on any machine running Windows 7-10

DeskPins allows the "pinning" of a window to the top of the screen

How to password protect zip files

Textpad - far and away the best text editor for Windows

Symbols ready for copying to the clipboard

    quantum random number generator for
    seeding pseudo-random number generators

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PineTools:  free online tools for Math, Text, Calendar, Numbers, Colors and much more

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Given image, change the background

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I had a good experience with the Wonderfox Video Converter

Online video converter

4k downloader—free video downloader


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Cartoons Online

Looney Tunes Golden Collection

A contemporary history of π (pi)


NEW Dick Johnson, Windham County's male centenarian
        article archived 4jan2024

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