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The Seven Tenets of The Satanic Temple

Is Mother Nature flipping the bird, or is it the botanical version of an uncircumcised penis?

Performing live at Sunfest May 1984
Sunfest May 1984

Holland and Kira (r) spar during the library's annual Chess in the Alley 5 August 2022

workspace June 2022
workspace June 2022

mantle June 2022
mantle June 2022

view January 2022
view January 2022    snowstorm January 2022

    spring May 2022
    Spring 2022 left    Spring 2022 right

Split pea soup article follow-up with photos

Nope Nope Nope - Sesame Street short 1969 Muppets segment which became a childhood favorite

The Pop-o-Pies, espcially the cover of Truckin'

NEW Bartolo Colon Hitting Highlights, a collection that excludes the many times he refused to get the bat off his shoulder much less swing.

    All of which is a prelude to Gary Cohen's call: The Impossible Has Happened

NEW Abbott & Costello:
    Fast Math
    Who's On First

Character Strengths and Virtues  (hajm adaptation March 2009 of Peterson & Seligman)

NEW Classic Comedy archive


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